One hour free play casinos

Get into the action and claim your one hour of free play at casinos. Right now you can redeem a hour of play at selected online casinos with no deposit required. The promotion varies from casino to casino with up to 1000 in credits to start with.

The clock is ticking and you have a chance to win $$$$ just for signing up as a real player. Cash in winnings and take the cash to the bank. This is a excellent chance to make some money without costing you a cent.

The one hour free play offers are no longer being given out by casinos. They ended this promotion in early 2018 and changed to just offering matching bonuses. This is why it is advised that if you see an offer, then take it right away. Often casinos change things up either to test out another type of deal to see what kind of response they get from players or due to it costing the casinos to much money to award free cash to players that never have deposited. This is the case now, they are focusing on giving more money to active players vs one time users.