Free Time Casinos

Microgaming casinos offer players free time to play the casino games. At present there is a few different types of Free Time Casinos, many give one hour of free play while others have elected to do less free time.

With free time casinos the player is given a certain amount of time to try and win as much as they can. After the time is up the software will display your winnings. The tricky part is collecting the winnings. You are required to make a deposit to withdraw any win you have. It is a fraud protection for the casinos. We have listed several free time casinos so try them out for yourself as they are risk free to play. This promotion is dead, the casinos dropped the free time offers quite awhile ago. It was a pretty nice way to try out the casino but just didn’t work on the mobile casino platform. I doubt we will ever see this type of bonus from any of the casinos again.